In this final book of the Spa Girls series, Billerbeck delves into what makes the heroine, a chiropractor into Chinese medicine, tick. While the book
is a little too long on attitude and a
little too short on story, in the end,
the author pulls it all together for
a satisfying read.

Poppy Clayton, chiropractor and health nut, struts around her office in a 20-year-old skirt that gives new meaning to the phrase "breathable cotton." She lacks respect for her office neighbor, Dr. Jeff Curran, who is as dreamy as they come. As Jeff strives to bring harmony to their relationship, Poppy's spa girlfriends are working hard to bring her into the 21st century fashion-wise and to stop the flow of her unwanted medicinal advice. When it looks like Jeff could actually win her heart, funny guy Simon Jennings makes his move. Will Poppy figure out what she wants in life and run toward it or hide in her cotton cocoon? (Integrity, Oct., 320 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston