The legendary love triangle thrives in this enchanting tale of Camelot. Gwenhwfar's fiery spirit intrigues the high king-to-be Arthur at first sight. He makes her his bride and Gwen must give up her visions of a young, dark-haired knight who has haunted her heart forever. But once they reach Camelot, she finds her dream lover in Lancelot. 

Arthur is crowned High King and begins to forge his vision of peace and prosperity for his people, Gwen and Lancelot at his side. For a time, all is well in Camelot, but soon comes the dark desires and hidden magic of Morgana and her son, both of whom breed deceit and betrayal.

In this newest working of one of our most favorite romances, each character is wonderfully flawed, absolutely believable and captures our imaginations and hearts all over again. For those who thought they'd read all there was to read about Camelot and its legendary threesome, this newest can't be missed, and for those new to the world of Arthur, Merlin, Gwenhwfar, Lancelot, Morgana and the Lady of the Lake, this book will remain on the favorite shelf. SPICY (Aug., 432 pp., $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black