Image of Camelot's Enchantment


Image of Camelot's Enchantment

Breeding once again transports readers to another realm where fairies rule and legends live on. It’s a thrilling world where the Queen of the Fairies learns the truth about love and two souls set upon a magical journey that begins with the unfurling of a long-awaited prophecy.

In the world of Faerie, Morgan Le Fay is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Lancelot and the seduction that’s sure to follow. However, even as she attempts the liaison, her heart is not in it. She begins to realize that what she really wants is for her consort, Cernunnos, to love her as she is beginning to love him. Cernunnos is confused and just wants things between him and Morgan to return to normal. But when the two are forced through a time portal into the future, they must rely on each other to keep evil from taking over. (HIGHLAND, Jan., 229 pp., $12.25)
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