Lovers of Mary Stewart and Phyllis Whitney will celebrate this mystery's supernatural tone and moody, gothic style. When autumn comes to the perfectly rendered small town of Maple Creek, Michigan, more than the weather brings chills. Evocative writing and a captivatingly independent heroine combine for the perfect balance of suspense and supernatural. Bodoin's pacing never falters as she unfolds the secret of Katherine's old house.

Single teacher Katherine Kale buys the perfect Victorian home just minutes from downtown Maple Creek. She spends her first day in town perusing antiques at the fair, until a woman she's just become acquainted with—who coincidentally once lived in Katherine's home—eats a poisoned caramel apple.

Subtle disruptions in her house become increasingly bold, leading Katherine to question everything about her new town and the people who live there—even the handsome man she's been keeping company with.

(Jun., 264 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Harrison