Truly a diamond of the first water, superstar Judith Lansdowne has another simply glorious reading experience in store for lucky readers this month.

She first meets him when he stops her coach and steals her jewelry. But something about Jason Fate strikes a chord of empathy with Camilla, and the lady cannot bring herself to describe the rogue correctly to Bow Street.

What he does have is his own sense of honor, loyalty to his friends and a heart brimming with love. And in Camilla he finds his true soul mate and a love more precious than gold.

Only an author of Ms. Lansdowne's exhilarating originality would dare create such a magnificently different hero, one who manages to break all the rules with incredible style and grace. Chain this treasure to your bookshelf immediately! (July, 300 pp., $4.95)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer