Image of Campaign for Seduction (Kimani Romance)


Image of Campaign for Seduction (Kimani Romance)
CAMPAIGN FOR SEDUCTION (4.5) by Ann Christopher: Scorching-hot love scenes, an intimate look at the campaign press, the heartbreak of Alzheimer's and the fishbowl existence of a political figure make this story a keeper! Senator Jonathan Warner is aware of the downfall of combining romance with politics. When he's attracted to Liza Wilson, a Washington correspondent for a TV network, he wonders if he should risk building a relationship with her. Liza has trust issues, so her focus is on her career, not a love match. She also has her father's care to worry about and whether she is doing right by him with the amount of travel her career requires. As Jonathan goes to great lengths to see her, can he overcome Liza's objections?
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims