Can I Get an Amen is an entertaining collection of romantic and spiritual novellas. In Sims' "A Love Supreme," landscaper Alex finds herself attracted to a client. Jared is a building contractor who doesn't believe he can be faithful to a woman and God. Keeping his feelings under wraps when it comes to Alex is nearly impossible.

"Love and Happiness" puts Louise's heroine, Renata Conner, inside a church, a place she hasn't been in years. Church music director Devin McKenna acts holier than thou at first, but soon his sincere love for the Lord begins to make her wonder what she's been missing.

In Dunbar's "A Love Like That," Dominique is ready for a change, which comes when racecar driver Blair Thomas shows up at the Red Oaks church picnic. She enjoys dating him but fears he'll be like her cheating ex.

Brooks–Harris' "Love Under New Management" has choir director Norman Grant looking for new talent. He finds it with newcomer Valerie Freeman. She sings like an angel but it isn't just her voice he wants—he wants Valerie too. (Mar., 320 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith