Image of The Canary List: A Novel


Image of The Canary List: A Novel

Whether you choose to believe in demon possession or not, this perfectly paced novel, full of exciting plot twists, will keep you second- guessing. Clear your schedule: this is a one-sit read.

All Crockett Grey wants to do is wallow in his yearly drunken grief-fest over the death of his daughter. But when his 12-year-old student, Jaime Piper, knocks on his door, pleading for a safe place to sleep, she sets his life on a roller-coaster ride. As a teacher, Crockett knew Jaime was a “challenged” student, but he didn’t know she had powers so powerful that even the Vatican wanted to control her. With everything spiraling out of control, Crockett must uncover the secrets of Jaime’s past and her role in a conspiracy to control the papacy. (WATERBROOK, Jun., 304 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Chandra McNeil