It never dawned on Caroline Fletcher that owning slaves wasn't right. She loved Tessi, Eli, Grady and the others who worked for her daddy. When life becomes uncertain after a tragedy, she is shuttled to relatives in the North, where she learns the truth of slavery.

Charles St. John is a typical Southerner. He believes in the livelihood of slavery. When the war beats upon his door, he willingly accepts his place in the battle, but not before his first encounter with a young idealist who steals his heart. But will his love for Caroline cause the South to lose the war?

This incredible story of risk, passion, and hatred kept me turning pages. I found myself in turmoil as Caroline determined her course of action.There are no pat answers in this story, just a driving force of truth with characters of all colors who steal your heart. (Nov., 432 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston