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All her life, Shelby Taite, of the Main Line Philadelphia Taites, has done whats expected of her. She plans to marry Parker Westbrook, thereby making a suitable business match. But as the plans take shape, Shelby longs for adventure and the chance to experience the world.

Talking a page from her beloved if indolent Uncle Alfred, Shelby heads for the bus station and East Wapaneken. Shelbys adventure becomes all too real when she discovers that her brother Somerton has cut off her credit card. Luckily, good samaritans Gary Mack and his fiancie Brandy take Shelby under their wings. Brandy lets Shelby move into her apartment and helps her find a job working as a diner hostess.

Meanwhile Somerton, his significant other Jeremy, and Uncle Alfred are all terribly worried. Erstwhile fianci Parker is merely annoyed. Somerton hires Quinn Delancy of D&S Security to find his sister, but Uncle Alfred tells Quinn just to observe Shelby, and make sure she stays out of trouble. Locating Shelby is not a problem, but Quinn also finds his libido engaged by the enchanting woman. Posing as a writer, Quinn makes friends with the locals in this welcoming little burg. Lying and keeping secrets is not a terrific way to start a romance; it seems these two unlikely lovers are digging themselves a major hole.

Best-selling historical author Kasey Michaels branches out into the contemporary genre with this charmingly humorous fish-out-of-water tale. Ms. Michaels cast of characters are warm, fun-loving and a little bit wacky which makes for one enchanting book. (Mar., 348 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
jill M. Smith