It's not turning out to be a good day for Elyssa Rawlins Cutler. First she walks in on her fianc Robert Grayson and his secretary in a compromising position and realizes that Robert was just using her to make his way up the corporate ladder in her stepfather Daniel Cutler's corporation. Then Elyssa is confronted by the news that her natural father has been killed in an accident.

Elyssa returns to the ranch in order to settle the estate. Her Uncle Gil and her smarmy cousin Virgil both warn her that the ranch foreman, Nathan Hunter, is out to use her. It goes without saying that Gil and Virgil have their own personal agendas. Was her father's death truly an accident?

Elyssa will be forced to deal with emotional baggage from the past as well as the present if she is to move forward with her life. Can she trust Nathan to be a part of that future, or does he too have his own agenda?

Prolific and multi-talented historical author Carol Finch delivers an absorbing and emotionally complex contemporary novel that opens a whole new dimension in her career, one that is sure to have her legion of fans eagerly awaiting her next offering. (Aug., 384pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith