Image of Canyon Shadows (Aphrodisia)


Image of Canyon Shadows (Aphrodisia)

Harper intersperses environmental issues with frequent references to the intense lust that springs up between Maco and Shari from their first contact. The emotional highs and lows facing these two make for a constantly changing landscape that results in good storytelling.

Shari runs a dog boarding and training business. Maco calls, requesting a couple of her dogs to protect a job site. Her fantasies run wild just from the sound of his voice, but she also has to deal with a possible sniper on her property. Local ranchers object to Maco’s building project and the shooting may be connected to him. Violent events from her past, including her father’s murder, may also be the cause. Their mutual attraction makes them very protective of each other — and they don’t waste any time acting on it. (APHRODISIA, Jun., 256 pp, $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins