Annie Bennett has lived in quiet peace in the secluded canyon since the day she arrived near death and was healed by the old woman who took her in. Like her predecessor, Annie has become known as a healer which is why the Navaho bring the critically wounded man to her doorstep.

Quinn Ryan is too sick in body and spirit to recognize the woman nursing him. But once his pain-fogged mind clears he is stunned to see Annie, a woman from his past, a woman he once loved.

Annie remembers Quinn, the handsome gambler who stole her heart and then left her long ago. Until his arrival she had been safe from many painful memories, but with his return she will be forced to open her heart once more and remember the joy and sorrow of their love.

The depth of emotions and the beauty of this story of wounded souls and their psychological baggage will truly touch readers hearts. There is an underlying power in both Ms. Atlees story and writing style that set her apart. She draws you into the story with unforgettable characters and by playing on your emotions. Readers who crave a look into the characters souls will savor CANYON SONG. SENSUAL (Dec., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin