Jocelyn Wakefield is tired of being a White House-related object of interest, constantly on guard against behavior unbecoming her fathers office.

Her solution? A whole day of not having to control her every action because someone might see or hear. With the help of her grandmother, Jocelyn contrives a plot to spend a whole day as a Miss Nobody, visiting Washington, D.C. sans secret service, sans servants and, best of all, sans media.

The rollicking tornado in her well-planned fantasy is political columnist Grady Tucker and his dog Molly.

Through her characters, Janet Dailey acknowledges the storys underlying roots in Roman Holiday and Miracle on 34th Street. A romantic comedy full of starry-eyed holiday spirit, suitable for all readers, young and old. (Oct., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger