When Chicagoan Skye Crawford heads to the nation's capitol to help her ex-fiance with his bid for Congress, she finds him dead in his apartment, an apparent suicide. An investigation reveals that it was murder, and Skye and rival congressional candidate Darren Birch are both suspects.

Polar opposites in every manner, the two fight their instant attraction to one another--a Libertarian and a Republican definitely don't mix. But as the adage goes, they do make strange bedfellows. Accustomed to getting what he wants, Darren pursues Skye with an unwavering determination. But when details of the murder are uncovered, will they trust one another enough to believe in each other's innocence?

Seasoned author Winters pens another phenomenal romantic suspense, going off the beaten path in incorporating an African-American Republican character. Though arrogant at times, Darren's behavior is part of this novel's appeal. Skye's independent, feisty attitude and Darren's staunch alpha-male reputation make for a few interesting scenes. True to their characters, the two complement each other.

In her classic form, Winters makes it difficult for readers to pinpoint exactly who committed the murder until the end. This book provides the perfect checklist of what a crime novel should be. (Oct., 315 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton