Image of The Captain's Mysterious Lady (Georgian #302)


Image of The Captain's Mysterious Lady (Georgian #302)

Amnesia, murder, buried treasure and a thirst for vengeance fuel this historical romance and keep it moving at a quick pace. James and Amy’s plight will have readers turning the pages quickly in hopes of their happily ever after. James and Amy make a sweet couple, but some readers may find James unnecessarily brusque and be unable to forgive his deception of Amy.

After Captain James Drymore’s wife is murdered, he gives up his life at sea to hunt for the killers. Although he is unable to locate those men, he gains quite a reputation as a thief taker – a precursor to Bow Street Runners – and swears he will exact revenge on the murders. But a stagecoach accident involving a pair of bandits, a murder and a case of amnesia changes the course of James’ future.

The accident kills the man traveling with a young woman named Amy, and leaves her with no memory. After Amy’s family discovers that her husband is missing and no one knows the man she was traveling with, James is commissioned to uncover the truth. Soon James has moved into the neighborhood and, while keeping his occupation a secret from her, he develops a tendre for Amy. But will James be able to untangle this mystery or will the truth of the matter result in heartache for everyone involved? (Harlequin, Feb., 298 pp., $5.99)

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Kate Girard