Image of A Captain and a Corset (Steam Guardian)


Image of A Captain and a Corset (Steam Guardian)

Wine’s second steampunk adventure is a quick-witted, exhilarating treat, providing an imaginative, detailed world and a cast of colorful and passionate characters. The tension between the two expertly nuanced protagonists will hold readers’ attention. The introduction of some genuinely crafty villains and their dark plotting brings together all the ingredients for a thrilling adventure. As the high-stakes escapade unfolds, fans and new readers alike will be spellbound and eager for more of this clever, sexy series.

Sophia Stevenson’s life was changed forever when she received the gift of sight that makes her invaluable as an airship navigator. Now, she is forced to spend her days alongside Captain Bion Donkova, the man charged with her training — and the one who has the power to make her forget every rule she holds dear. When Sophia becomes the target of a madman set on harnessing her powers for his dark plans, it is Bion who comes to her aid. But finding safety doesn’t mean that Sophia is free of Bion’s spell — or that Bion will be able to control his desire for his fiery navigator. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jun., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown