American Joshua Fairbourne is in London on business and to find a wife. He has his sights set on a docile woman he thinks will be his ideal, when a whirlwind named Anabelle Crosbie spins into his life and turns it topsy-turvy.

Anabelle can never do anything right or please her grandmother. She is too independent minded to stay out of trouble. She knows she must marry the man chosen for her, but she cannot help wanting to aid the American sea captain win his quest for love when she nearly ruined his chances of winning his bride.

All Anabelle does is create a bigger scandal. Joshua begins to think his idea of marrying a malleable woman is all wrong. When he has the opportunity to steal Anabelle away, he does, bringing her to his ship and setting sail for home.

While on his ship, the Swiftsure, Anabelle learns much more about Joshua, his past and their present. The love that grows will help them through the rough waters and calm seas of their marriage.

Ms. Jarrett begins a new series with a sea-going man and the extraordinary woman he finds to share his life. As always, Ms. Jarrett takes the high seas by storm, creating one of her liveliest heroines and a hero to be her match. Readers are sure to delight in Anabelle's sometimes outrageous schemes and fall in love with Joshua, hoping to see them return in another book in the Fairbourne chronicles. Hurrah for a new series! SENSUAL (Aug., 289 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin