Captain Trevor Dane, once a revered hero now fighting for the honor that was stolen from him, inadvertently finds himself in Lady Violet Rochelle's chamber, kissing the beautiful, innocent young lady.

Instead of being highly appalled, Violet is secretly thrilled. There is no one who does not know of the dashing captain's exploits against the French, and though an innocent, she is far from naive or foolish.

Desiring adventure, Violet convinces Trevor that they can work together to unmask the real traitor if they marry. Though he has no wish to wed, only Violet can quell the rumors that Trevor is the elusive French agent known as The Carbeau. But by aligning herself with a man called traitor, Violet becomes the target of Dane's enemies. Dane is totally disarmed by his temptress of a bride and tries to keep her out of harm's reach even as she rushes into danger.

Though THE CAPTAIN'S BRIDE is told mostly through narrative with little dialogue, I found neither the pace, nor the characterization or action to be slowed down by the many descriptions of places, actions and emotions, or by character introspection. Ms. Blayne writes eloquently, with the flair and tone of the finest Regency romances. Readers will also enjoy the take-charge heroine and the brooding hero who steals your heart. SENSUAL (Oct., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin