Image of The Captain's Dilemma


Image of The Captain's Dilemma

With each exquisite new love story, Gail Eastwood grows impressively in stature as one of the Regency genre's finest talents.

She shouldn't feel sorry for him. He is, after all, an escaped French prisoner and, as such, an enemy of her country. But, Captain Alexandre Valmont doesn't feel like her enemy at all. Instead of harming her when she inadvertently stumbles across his hiding place, he does his best to make sure she does not become further involved in his flight.

Even he, however, cannot prevent the beautiful Merissa Pritchard from smuggling his unconscious, fevered body into the barn on her family's small country estate after he succumbs to his injuries after narrowly avoiding death by drowning. By some miracle of fate, he has found his heart's delight, a haven of love and friendship he cannot resist.

What, however, does he have to offer his love? His only future lies back in France, and even that may be taken away from him by a villainous cousin.

Ms. Eastwood turns conventional expectations upside down in the most wonderful ways, developing a beautiful romance with a gentle freshness and irresistible grace. (Nov., 222 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer