When Miss Georgiana Raithwaite jumps into the turbulent river to escape the unwanted attentions of Walter Paxton, sea captain Lord Nathaniel Hawke saves her from drowning.

Fate works in mysterious ways. When Georgiana, disguised as a young boy, runs away from home to avoid a forced marriage to Walter, she's pressed into service aboard Nathaniel's ship.

Though the captain and the crew know her as young George, Nathaniel soon discovers that "he" is Georgiana. Nathaniel is in a quandary. Being in close quarters with Georgiana only increases the physical attraction between them, but as an honorable man, he must protect her reputation. Will Georgiana accept his offer of marriage?

Though a tad contrived, this is a nicely written and captivating high-seas adventure. SENSUAL (Feb., 298 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond