Raised in Jamaica after her parents' tragic deaths, Lavinia Stewart grew up a free spirit. Upon her uncle's passing, she is sent to live with her widower brother, who treats her as a full-time guardian to his children. She soon meets Captain William Chartwell, an officer in the Navy who, thanks to a recent deadly skirmish, is now guardian to young Angus. Angus befriends Lavinia's charges. That first meeting between the adults is tinged with humor and some contention, but it's a first step toward uniting a couple who discover a need for each other for entirely different reasons. The Captain's Mermaid (4.5) is a touching, tearful story that focuses on the warm relationships all the characters share. For a warmhearted read, where a staunch naval officer finds love with a free-spirited young woman, be sure to pick up a copy of Mary Blayney's latest. (Sep., 256 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor