Image of Captivated (A Phantom Corps Novel)


Image of Captivated (A Phantom Corps Novel)

The Phantom Corps series continues with action, adventure, and steaming-hot sex rolled into one attractive package. Dane has created an amazing world. You never see the villain, yet his evil permeates the book. There’s an ongoing M/M relationship and M/M/F ménage.

Hannah Black has been held prisoner, tortured physically and mentally by the Imperialist forces, for nearly a year. Rescued by Federation military officer Vincenz Cuomo, she escapes her plight only to begin months of rehabilitation under the watchful eyes of Vin and his lover, Julian. Not only do the men prepare her mentally, but they strengthen her physically, and the three become lovers. The men reluctantly allow Hannah to accompany them on a mission to an outlying lab, where they discover her innate ability to decrypt code. What she finds is alarming and takes them on an assignment that could decimate the worlds they know. (HEAT, May, 336 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown