Image of Captive (Florida Civil War)


Image of Captive (Florida Civil War)

With her mother's death, Virginia belle Teela Warren is at her stepfather's mercy. When she refuses to wed the man he has chosen, Michael Warren demands Teela follow him to the Florida Territory where he has been assigned to route out the "savages."

Teela is fascinated by the lush and beautiful land and the McKenzie family who have taken her into their home as a guest. But it is handsome half-breed James McKenzie who intrigues her the most.

Living in two worlds, James is more Seminole than white and, as "Running Bear," fights at the side of famed chief Osceola. Yet from the first moment he meets Teela at his brother's home, James is trapped by his forbidden and heated desire to possess her.

As their passions explode Teela and James are caught between love and loyalty, between the world of the army and the Seminole, and as the Indian wars escalate and their love grows they are in increasing danger. Yet the purity of their love enables them to risk all for peace and happiness.

Packed with a high degree of sensuality and enlivened with rich historical details, CAPTIVE is vintage Heather Graham. VERY SENSUAL (Aug., 434 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin