Multi-talented Brenda Joyce spreads her wings to bring readers an exciting, exotic time-travel romance set in Tripoli, 1804 - the era of Barbary pirates, slaves, harems and captives.

Historian Alexandra Thornton is completely enraptured with the Blackwell Museum in Boston. She is magnetically drawn to sea captain Xavier Blackwell, whose capture by the bashaw of Tripoli led to his death and that of his beloved.

Following some unknown force, Alexandra makes plans to go to Tripoli and find out more about Blackwell. Her insatiable curiosity leads her to a small antique shop where she impulsively buys an old oil lamp -- a vessel that sends her spinning through time back to 1802, two years before Blackwell's capture.

Sold to the bashaw and taken as his son's wife, Alex lives the life of a pampered prized possession as she awaits Blackwell's arrival in Tripoli and the chance to rewrite history; saving the man she has come to love.

Risking life and limb, Alex first pleads for the captured captain's life, then secretly visits him in the quarry prison and arranges their escape. however, her plan fails and she is forced to remain in Tripoli. Unable to leave her behind, Blackwell returns, this time as her slave. Together they will do whatever they must to reclaim their love and their freedom, but will time and history conspire to tear them apart?

Combining the magic of time-travel with the exotic aura of the harem and the suspense of a rescue mission, Brenda Joyce delivers a unique romance destined to captivate readers. (May, 425 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin