Image of The Captive


Image of The Captive

THE CAPTIVE (4.5) by Joanne Rock: This enthralling historical set in 885 A.D. tells of Gwendolyn of Wessex. Raised by wealthy, scholarly parents, she'd been taught to think for herself. But when her parents died, she came under the care of a noble. The Norse are raiding the countryside when Gwendolyn is captured by their leader, Wulf Giersson, the most successful Viking raider to sail the coast of Britain. Her spirit attracts him as much as her beauty, and he's determined to keep her for his own. But both the Saxons and another Norse lord will be after them. As their understanding and affection grow, Wulf and Gwendolyn fight to escape both groups. A great plot, a wonderful hero and heroine, and sense of history make this a totally outstanding book.

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor