Daughter of a Texas saloons upstairs girl, Angel Devlin is forced to kill a man the day her mother dies. Shes known the darker side of life and expects to hang for her crime, even if it was self-defense.

Suddenly a man she has never met intervenes. Wallace Daltry saves her life and offers Angel a new beginning. He claims to have promised her mother he would take care of her and his idea of being her guardian means she is to travel with him to his ranch, the Circle D.

Just as she believes there is some hope for the future she awakens to find Mr. Daltry dead, a knife in his heart. Even worse, since he gave Angel the ranch before his murder, Jack is sure shes a murdering fortune-hunter. This time, Angel refuses to allow herself to become a victim and vows to find the real killer.

When the mysterious killer comes after them, Jack soon discovers the real Angel: a woman of strength and courage with a heart worth its weight in gold.

CAPTIVE ANGEL grips you from the get go and never lets up. A top-notch romance from a top-notch writer! SENSUAL (May, 306 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin