The day arrives when Sir Senet can reclaim his familys lands and title, but there is one condition. He must marry Lady Katherine, the woman who now holds his castle. Senet is more than willing, but the lady is not.

Since her fathers death, Katherine has run the estate unencumbered by a husband. Katherine believes her betrothal to Lord Hadley, who has been on a pilgrimage for years, prevents her from being wed to another. However, when it is decreed she wed Senet, Katherine devises a scheme to bring Lord Hadley home.

When Senet storms the castle Katherine rebels, refusing to be his bride or accept defeat. When gentle wooing does not stop her escape attempt, Senet resorts to making Katherine his captive, blackmailing her into marriage.

Though off to a rocky start, Senet and Katherine slowly discover a mutual respect and passion, sharing a deep love for the castle, the people and the land. They are beginning to make peace when Katherines original scheme works.

Now she has to regain Senets love and find a way out of her own web of deception.

A clever medieval romance with a few new twists, a charming sense of humor and an engaging storyline turn THE CAPTIVE BRIDE into a pleasant way to pass the time. SENSUAL (Aug., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin