Image of Captive Desires


Image of Captive Desires

Using a mixture of paranormal and fantasy, Whiteside explores what happens when fiction is fact. Still, it will take a diligent reader to appreciate a story
with little of the magic or the magical world explained. The sensual scenes are hot but scarce.

Ballerina Danae Livingston is a fan-fic author who writes about a fantasy realm filled with magic and her favorite warrior, Alekhsiy. But he and his world aren't fictional. When Alekhsiy comes to Earth to save his home, he lands at a conference for fans of his world and finds the dancer who's haunted his sensual dreams.

Now an obsessed fan wants Danae to use her powers to write a book in which the evil stalking the land wins. She and Alekhsiy must travel to his home to save themselves and his world. (BERKLEY, Nov., 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison