Garreth of Tamworth, powerful Saxon nobleman, arrives in Normandy to gather information about conditions in Franconia. But when he rescues Lady Ailenor from a fall he nearly forgets his mission.

The red-haired beauty is stunned by her attraction to the stranger, but when she is mistaken for her mother and abducted she must rely on Garreth to rescue her. Danger dogs their steps as fate plunges them into a tangled web of political deceit and betrayal. Through their trials Ailenor and Garreth form a bond of love that unites them in an all-consuming, everlasting love.

Third in Anita Gordon's trilogy, THE CAPTIVE HEART will enthrall readers with its colorful portrayal of Saxon England and Normandy in an era long before that of William the Conqueror. Filled with familiar and new characters, fabulous historical details, and convoluted twits, this is a tale to be savored. SENSUAL (Sept., 440pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin