Image of The Captive Heart (Border Chronicles)


Image of The Captive Heart (Border Chronicles)

Small ignites readers' imaginations with steamy stories teeming with historical detail, the machinations of war, church politics and undying passion. Her attention to detail and the ease with which she incorporates history into a sexy tale is why she is a queen of historical romance.

The War of the Roses thunders through England. As Henry VI's court flees to Scotland, Alix Givet, the daughter of the queen's physician, is caught in the turbulence. Following her husband's death and an outrageous proposition from her father-in-law, Sir Udolf, Alix flees. Before she can reach the queen, Malcolm Scott gives her sanctuary and a position as his daughter's governess. Alix is safe, but her growing love for the laird puts her heart in danger. After his wife's betrayal, Malcolm vowed never to wed again, but he's enchanted by Alix, and his daughter wants them to marry. Their union is a happy one, until Udolf reappears and their lives are nearly shattered. (NAL, Oct., 402 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin