This new story in Dickerson’s series of fairy-tale retellings is a entertaining twist on Cinderella. The Captive Maiden has a strong hero — a knight, plenty of knightly action and a damsel in distress heroine who is willing and able to assist with her own rescue. Though part of a series, this one stand alone.

Gisela Mueller was 7 when her father died and everything changed for the worse. Her step-mother and two step-sisters are unbearably cruel. As a child, before her father’s death, she had seen the young Valten Gerstenberg, Earl of Hamlin and noticed how kind he was. When she meets him again a decade later, he has grown into a strong, brave knight. Valten finds the shabbily dressed Gisela intriguing and wants to know why her family treats her as a servant. Restless and unhappy with the lack of purpose in his life, Valten thinks it maybe time to marry. Gisela is the maiden he is drawn to, but there are some who are determined to prevent their happy ending. (ZONDERVAN, Nov., 304 pp. $9.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley