Liz Fichera’s Captive Spirit is an untraditional romance set in
America in the time before European colonization. It is as much the
tale of one teenage girl’s survival through brutal circumstances and
her slow awakening to womanhood as it is a romance. Readers will cheer
for the intrepid Aiyana and brave Honovi as the teens fight for their
chance at love despite the collapse of their world. But Fichera has
done such a great job conveying Aiyana's Native American culture and
spends so much time constructing her vivid world, don’t be surprised
if you forget you are reading a romance.

Teenage Aiyana isn’t ready to marry the man her father has chosen; she would much rather explore the land around her clan’s village. When she flees her marriage ceremony and is captured by foreigners to be traded as an Apache trophy wife, her best friend Honovi attempts to save her. But Honovi and Aiyana must survive her vicious captors and the Apache tribe’s interest before the pair can make it safely home. (CARINA PRESS, June, dl. $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Gerard