Fan favorite Windsor returns with a new trilogy set in the same universe as her Bound series. The world of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood remains troubled and a new threat is rising. The main characters here were secondary players in the previous books, and fans will be delighted by the update on former headliners. Windsor’s heroines are once again kicking butt and taking names, all for our enjoyment!

Though their evil nemesis the Legion was defeated, the cost to the Dark Crescent Sisterhood was severe. Wracked by anger and guilt, Earth Sibyl Bela decides to this time build not a triad but a quad, including the newly discovered Water Sibyl Andy Myles. The four, Bela, Andy, Camille and Dio take up residence in New York City and soon learn of a dangerous new threat. Rakshasa, ancient tiger-shaped demons, have returned and are building their forces. NYPD Det. Duncan Sharp learns about the supernatural the hard way, when he is wounded and infected by the Rakshasa. Although he may be doomed, Duncan plans to spend his remaining time fighting alongside Bela. (BALLANTINE, Dec., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith