When a woman warrior is sacrificed for the good of her clan, she finds that life is not what she was taught.

Sakar warrior Nuwaa is ordered by her liege-lord Radislay to let herself be captured so that she can find out the secrets and weaknesses of Haddard, the leader of their enemy, the Kebo. As much as she hates the thought of being a sexual slave, Sakar does as she's commanded.

Bo, war-liege of the Kebo and next in line behind Haddard, is a brave warrior who appreciates the strength his leader has brought to the tribe, but he has doubts about the wisdom of some of Haddard's rule. When he captures Sakar, he knows he has to turn her over to Haddard, but he'd like to keep her for himself. When she earns his admiration for her bravery and skill as a warrior, he is especially torn.

Boiling hot, Harper's story is a very good story with a surprise ending. Characters are well-developed and sympathetic (even the secondary ones), and the plot is interesting. This is about more than the sex. (dl $5.95)
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Page Traynor