Handsome Captain Nicholas Hawksmoor specializes in adventure, treasure hunting or whatever will bring the most profit. He seduces any woman who comes his way, and enjoys making the aristocracy look foolish.

Dominique Willoughby, daughter of an American shipbuilder, has inherited her father's business abilities and talent for design. She's an innocent with her nose buried in sketches and in love with the ship she designed and built.

When he meets Dominique, Nicholas is struck by the beautiful woman with the heart and mind of a sailor. He buys her ship and takes her along so she can teach him the tricks of sailing it, as he pursues a fabled Arab treasure.

The hunt is dangerous and surprising as Dominique discovers unknown passions and Nicholas finds his roguish personality has an honorable side.

Kit Garland delivers action-adventure with achingly real characters. CAPTURE THE WIND is the best book yet by this talented author. Run out for your copy today! SENSUAL (July 384 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce