Devon Blake believes she is going to America to meet her bridegroom; instead she is framed for murder. Sly rebel blockade runner Jonas Sharpe sees her as the perfect pawn in his plot.

Captain Cole McRae, bitter over his brother's death, is sent to escort Devon to the capital for imprisonment. Thinking she is Jonas' henchman, Cole is determined to see her punished.

When strong-willed Devon pleads innocence, he brings up her past as a thief and con artist to justify her plight. However, Cole doesn't count on Devon trying to break away from him every opportunity she gets, endangering Cole and his men with her daring antics. As Devon's actions slow their progress, Cole begins to realize that she could never be a killer.

CAPTURED, Ms. Lynne's first historical novel, moves along at a quick pace and Devon and Cole are well-rounded characters. However, this reader found that the sudden mention of Devon's clairvoyance at the end of the story and some long-winded descriptions detract from the fun. SENSUAL (July, 375 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer