Image of Captured by Desire


Image of Captured by Desire

Morgan, who also writes as Sarah McKerrigan, pens a sensual adventure tale set along the border, where treachery abounds. The quick pace and engaging characters alongside the colorful history make this an entertaining and winning novel.

Goldsmith Florie Gilder has come to the fair to sell her wares and to uncover the identity of her true father. Her only clue is a pomander engraved with initials. When her assistant sells the heirloom, Florie steals it back, flees the sheriff’s men and is then felled by a huntsman’s arrow. Rane MacAllister, a Robin Hood-style hero, is a loyal Scots hunting on estate lands to feed the impoverished. He is shocked when the “deer” turns out to be a lovely young woman. He brings her to a dilapidated church to hide from the law for 40 days — time enough to fall in love. As trouble for the Scots increases, they are drawn into a treacherous scheme. (FOREVER, Aug., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin