Having long believed she was an orphan, Portia Edwards suddenly discovers her mother is alive and imprisoned by her grandfather in his home in Boston. Portia leaves Wales, intent upon finding and freeing her mother.

Pierce Pennington has made his fortune in the colonies and will do anything to ensure their freedom. He smuggles weapons to the Sons of Liberty right under the redcoats' noses. His dedication is unwavering, until he meets Portia climbing out of a window.

Aiding in her mother's escape, supporting the rebels and falling in love are the high points of Pierce and Portia's exciting adventure, which leaps from the mansions of Boston to the high seas and, finally, to Scotland.

With skill and fine craftsmanship, McGoldrick seamlessly blends a passionate romance with plenty of history. For adventure, excitement and sexual tension, this is the read. SENSUAL (Dec., 375 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin