Image of Captured By Love


Image of Captured By Love

With well-drawn, realistically flawed and sympathetic characters, tight and thrillingly unpredictable plotlines, fascinating historical details and moving faith journeys, Hedlund’s novels never disappoint, and Captured by Love is no exception.

To escape her abusive stepfather, Angelique MacKenzie has agreed to marry her upstanding childhood friend, Jean Durant. But while Jean is off fighting the British during the War of 1812, his adventuresome older brother Pierre returns to British-occupied Mackinac Island as a dashing fur trader — and a double agent in the American cause. Determined to treat her fiancé’s brother as the old friend he is, Angelique is horrified when her secret love for him reignites into a guilty but undeniable passion. Meanwhile, Pierre cannot believe the girl who once tagged along in his youthful escapades is now a beautiful woman of faith and fierce determination. As the American army lays siege to the island to free it from the British, Pierre and Angelique must risk their lives to untangle their bonds of love and loyalty — to family, country and each other. (BETHANY HOUSE, Jul., 368 pp., $14.99)
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Carolyn Martin