Image of Captured By a Rogue Lord (Rogues of the Sea)


Image of Captured By a Rogue Lord (Rogues of the Sea)

Ashe knows how to captivate readers with her action-packed romance brimming over with marvelous characters, sexual tension, witty repartee and action, action, action. Her take on the pirate tale is novel, exciting and highly romantic. The wonder of her story is the delightfully original and creative storytelling. Fans of pirates and adventure will adore this.

At 25, Serena Carlyle is past marriageable age, but she has plans to see her younger sister wed to the perfect man. Perhaps their neighbor, the Earl of Savege, renowned for his wealth and handsome figure, is the man. But Alex Savege has other plans: To the world of the ton he is a nobleman, but to others he is the Robin Hood-style pirate Redstone, who preys upon wealthy aristocrats’ yachts. When Serena believes a band of ruthless smugglers are plundering the coastal villages she asks Alex for help and gets caught up in a wild adventure where seduction is more than a game and her heart is caught between justice and her reckless desire for a pirate’s love. (AVON, Apr., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin