Fuller brings this tale to life with vivid descriptions and detail. The plot is exciting and the story will keep readers involved from the very first page wondering if Alice can melt Bastian's icy heart.

Disguised as a boy, the unconventional Alice Matravers helps her physician father tend to soldiers who have been wounded fighting the War of the Roses. However, when Alice realizes her father is missing, she knows it it up to her to secure his release from the evil Duke who is holding him captive. Unfortunately, while Alice is tracking her father, she gets captured by the arrogant soldier Bastian de la Roche. Bastian works for the Duke, and knows of his boss' plans to use Alice as a spy in return for her father's release. But when the Duke sends the pair on a journey to see the King, romance blooms between Alice and her reluctant guardian. For his part, Bastian is torn between the Duke’s orders and his growing attraction to the beautiful Alice. Will their passion lead this couple into dangerous territory? (HARLEQUIN, Dec., dl., $5.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Nas Dean