The tension — and romance — is ratcheted up to an 11 here, and doesn’t relent much until the sweet, satisfying end. Two tortured and strong main characters headline this drama-fueled novel, and it’s one romance you’ll root for. At times the story does flirt with melodrama and certain plot points would’ve benefited from a little finessing. Overall, a heartfelt, sexy romance.

At 22, Reagan is single with a 6-year-old son. She renounced men after the cruel way her high school boyfriend dumped her. Coen is newly discharged from the Army. Thanks to fate — and Reagan’s brother — he winds up in Reagan’s orbit. As lovely as it is having a man so kind to her son in her life, Reagan is reluctant to let Coen in — especially after hearing of the demons Coen faces. (AVONROMANCE.COM, Apr., dl $1.99, E, 18 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg