Poor editing throughout detracts from this otherwise entertaining story of sibling rivalry and family loyalty. The Cardros Ruby is integral in the telling as it’s both divisive and the glue that can bring the family together, and there’s a hard-won happy ever after.

When Captain Des Cardros returns home from war nursing an injury, he carries with him a five-year-old secret. His brother, Ian, has inherited the title and still harbors the ill will he’s felt ever since Des went to war. Des’ goal is to vindicate himself. On his way to Ian’s estate, Des discovers an injured young man and brings him home. Upon his arrival, he’s met by the man’s sister, Helena Seaford. After a severe frost imprisons the guests at Ian’s prearranged house party, yet another “accident” befalls Helena’s brother. Although Des suspects his brother has his sights set on Miss Seaford, Des is wildly attracted to her. When she asks him to help find who is out to harm her brother, he readily agrees. (SHANNONDONNELLY.COM, dl $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown