Image of The Care and Feeding of Pirates


Image of The Care and Feeding of Pirates

This humorous, fast-paced adventure, third in Ashley's Pirate series, brings pirate captain Christopher Raine back to life just in time to disrupt his wife Honoria's life. They were secretly married on the eve of his hanging, but Christopher cheated the hangman and has found his way to England to retrieve his wife and rescue his sister from a madman.

Christopher faces quite a challenge in winning Honoria back. Though there is heat and wild passion between them, trust is another matter. It will take the long voyage across the Atlantic, filled with moonlit nights and lustful sighs, to convince Honoria that he loves her, and they must locate his sister and a treasure of stolen gold.

Wit combines perfectly with sizzling sensuality and exhilarating adventure as Christopher and Honoria move from bedrooms to ballrooms, perform daring rescues and experience high-seas adventure. Ashley has fine-tuned the pirate romance with her rapier storytelling talents. SENSUAL (Feb., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin