Image of Careless in Red: A Novel


Image of Careless in Red: A Novel

George returns to her Lynley and Havers novels with a complex mystery saturated with a haunting and melancholy vibe. While the mystery is complex, and the crime nearly perfect, what really drives this emotionally riveting novel is the gradual reawakening of her hero.

Since the senseless murder of his pregnant wife, Superintendent Thomas Lynley has been endlessly walking along the Cornish coast. He looks downright disreputable, so when he stumbles across the body of a young man, the locals immediately suspect him. But after learning who he is, D.I. Bea Hannaford practically forces him to get involved. Concerned for Lynley, Scotland Yard dispatches his former associate, Barbara Havers, ostensibly to help the understaffed locals but actually to gauge Lynley's condition.

Who sabotaged 18-year-old Santos Kerne's climbing equipment? There are plenty of secrets, and getting to the truth won't be easy, but this new challenge might be just what Lynley needs to bring himself back to the land of the living. (MORROW, May, 640 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith