CARLY'S SONG is an emotional novel that explores the trauma that childhood demons can have on the lives of adults. Ms. Nazworth brings her troubled characters vividly to life, ensuring readers a compelling read.

Walking home after a night's gig, saxophone player Sam Canfield is stunned to see a vision of his deceased mentor, Uncle Jesse Cochran. He follows him down the streets of New Orleans. When Uncle Jesse disappears, Sam sees an angry Carly Richards being held at knife point by a teenage punk. After rescuing Carly, Sam finds himself drawn to this unusual woman.

Carly can't believe that sexy, sought-after Sam is really attracted to her, and tries to end their budding relationship. Uncle Jesse has other ideas and continues to appear to Sam. However, scars from Carly's anguished childhood threaten to defeat Uncle Jesse's efforts.

Sam fights his own personal demons. As a recovering alcoholic, he faces a tough battle for sobriety for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, Carly's mother is a manipulative alcoholic who refuses to admit the truth. Can Carly learn to trust both herself and Sam to have a future together?

(Jan., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith