Image of Carnal Desires


Image of Carnal Desires

Weretigers, werebears and weredragons, oh my! (And mermen too.) In order to survive, the human race has spliced genes with heartier species. This leads to some very interesting relationship conflicts -- as well as some creative sexual appetites. Jordan has crafted an original futuristic world while still keeping the characters and conflicts believable.

In "Heat," Mahalia is a snow tigress whose mate is determined to reclaim her and make her open up about the loss of their child. "Smoke" has Lady Katryn, Mahalia's best friend, called back to her home planet of Harena to be mated and join Lord Nadir's harem.

Katryn knows nothing of weredragon culture. Lord Nadir and his mate Lord Tarkesh embrace her and show her the ways of the dragon -- shapeshifting menage. In "Mist," Dr. Sera Gibbons, one of only two human survivors, struggles to fit into the world of a merman who both saved her life and has her heart -- though his culture says he cannot be with her. (Aphrodisia, Dec., 304 pp., $13.95)
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Annette Elton