To protect her brother, Brighid offers her innocence to their hated overlord's friend, Jamie Blakewell. Jamie has long thought his friend, Sheffield Winthrop Tate III, now Lord Byerly, to be losing his sense of honor. Now he knows that there's something wrong with Sheff. He plays along with the madman's scheme, vowing to keep Brighid safe.

Jamie's tenderness and concern for her people are Brighid's undoing. There is no way she can hate the sasanach (English-man) when his kindness prevents him from truly claiming her as his possession. Walking the fine line between love and hate is more dangerous than anything she has ever done, and the temptation to surrender to her enemy is too strong to resist.

Clare writes a sizzling captivecaptor romance reminiscent of classic Johanna Lindsay, a story steeped in sensual fantasy, strong characters and intense emotions. She carefully treads the line between romance and erotic romance, fulfilling readers' desires for a more sensual read without going beyond the boundaries. VERY SENSUAL (Mar., 368 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin