Image of Carnal Sin (Seven Deadly Sins)


Image of Carnal Sin (Seven Deadly Sins)

Carnal Sin kicks butt! Every character, including the secondary ones, is fresh and compelling. Each scene is gripping and wrought with tension. Layers of love, duty, survival and judgment complicate the already difficult lives of Moira and Rafe. As they battle for the sake of humanity and work to uphold their oaths and promises, readers will wonder how they’ll ever manage to survive.

Having put Envy away, Lust is on the loose and wreaking havoc in LA. The demon Lust seems to be attached to a sex coven operating out of a local nightclub. Men are dying in the act of sex — with a demon mark left on their bodies. Moira O’Donnell, Rafe Cooper and their friends head to LA to uncover the connection to the coven, and wind up once again facing internal and external demons to save humanity. Battling deceptive, power-hungry witches, demons growing in strength and their own struggles between duty and passion, Rafe and Moira are a team to behold. (BALLANTINE, Jul., 448 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton